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Carpet FAQ

How long will the carpet take to dry?
All carpets dry within 24 hr or less but most carpet will dry 4-8 with an air flow. Example being – windows open or air on or heat on depending on time of year.
My carpets are wet, what do I do?
CALL! We are here for you! 612-331-4454. Make the call, we come right away. For more information go to:
My pets have had accidents in my home can you take out the stain and the odor?

We have Same Day Service. We have a proven 3 Step Process to take care of your stain and odor.
How fast can you come out when I have an emergency?
Example: dumped paint, red wine (dyes), milk, pop, vomit, blood, urine, feces. We have same day service! The sooner you get us out there, the better.
How do I know I can trust you in my home or business?
We are a company you can trust in your home. We have uniformed, certified technicians, in labeled vans. We are licensed, bonded, and insured, and also members of the BBB.
License – 20615215
Done Right Carpet & Restoration Inc.
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