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Odor Removal and Pet Damaged Carpets

Odor arises from many sources, including animal urine, disaster or human contaminants, moisture problems, or food or beverages.  Any of these sources can leave your carpet with an unpleasant smell.  Difficult odor problems can trigger allergies and be frustrating to solve.  Whether it is pet odors or a bad smoking habit, we can provide a variety of treatment solutions.  The certified experts at Done Right Carpet & Restoration Inc. can provide you with routine cleaning services to remove the sources of general soiling and/or difficult odors.


Pet urine contamination usually requires techniques that are more specialized.  It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!  We use a 3-step process that has a proven track record to get you the results you want.  Call us today to schedule this service.

To remove musty odor associated with moisture, ultimately it is important to identify and correct the moisture (high humidity) intrusion problem.  Odor associated with disaster contaminants such as water, smoke, or other trauma events requires highly specialized procedures and techniques.

At Done Right Carpet & Restoration Inc. our certified professionals are trained and experienced in dealing with all kinds of odors; in, under, or around anything.  We have the detection tools, the specialized cleaning agents, the equipment and the experience necessary to detect and remove odors of all types and kinds.  Ask us about our options that are safe for your family and your pets.  Let our certified technicians help you keep your home a healthier place.
Through the impact of technology, there have been huge advances in textile cleaning methods.  Which one to use will best be determined by your Done Right Carpet & Restoration Inc. technician, based on many factors.  Depending on your situation, the nature, and the level of the damage, we do both steam or dry cleaning methods.

Pet Damaged Carpets Can Be Repaired!

Your brand new carpet or upholstery is ruined from your pet, right?  Maybe not!  Because pet urine contamination usually requires techniques that are more specialized, Done Right Carpet & Restoration Inc. has ways of treating and preserving your damaged carpets and upholstery.  Our certified restoration experts are trained in knowing how to identify fibers and fabrics; they are able to select the best cleaning and restoration options for your particular textile.  We can preserve the appearance and life of your carpet or furniture.